The UTZ certification program allows farmers to better understand cultivation methods, improve working conditions and take better care of workers and the environment. Our cocoa has the UTZ certificate.

What does it mean to have the UTZ certificate?

Through the UTZ program, farmers improve crops, generate more income and create better opportunities, while protecting the environment and guaranteeing the Earth’s natural resources.

OGeez chocolate bears the UTZ label. We are part of a sustainability program that together, directly or indirectly, in agricultural practices, we lead to a better output product, helping to create a reliable supply of good quality at competitive prices.

Products do not get the UTZ label easily. The compliance with the strict requirements by UTZ certified farms and companies is audited by independent certification bodies. These requirements include:

  • Good agricultural practices and farm management
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Addressing child and forced labor
  • Protection of the environment. 
Certificate origins

The UTZ certification program was born as UTZ kapeh” (pronounced o͞otz kahpāy) meaning good coffee” in the Guatemalan Mayan language of Quiché. It was launched in 2002 by a Guatemalan coffee farmer and a Dutch roaster who wanted to bring coffee certification to a global market and spread the impact of sustainable farming practices worldwide.

UTZ Kapeh evolved from a corporate initiativeto an independent and robust standard for sustainable coffee production. Over time, the UTZ program was able to expand its offerings to include certified cocoa, tea, and hazelnut. The name was changed to UTZ Certified to reflect this broader scope. In 2016, as the organization started to work outside certification and collaborated with different stakeholders on tackling complex issues like child labor, climate change, and farmer income, the name was shortened to simply UTZ.

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