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1Pack x3 tote bag promotion

12,50  Inc. VAT
Buy our three 1 Packs and receive an Ogeez Chocolate tote bag as a gift, at an exceptional price!

1Pack Salty Caramel 35g

3,95  Inc. VAT
Salty Caramel: A delicious mix of white chocolate, puffed rice, Matcha/Chlorella tea and toffee pearls with sea salt that brings back sweet memories...

1Pack Speculoos 35g

3,95  Inc. VAT
An incredible mix between the smoothest white chocolate and krunchy puffed rice, combined with Matcha/Chlorella tea and Speculoos cookie crumble, irresistible!

1pack Popping Candy 35g

3,95  Inc. VAT
A mixture of white chocolate, puffed rice and Matcha / Chlorella tea, the healthiest green tea. Our premium chocolate buds convey happiness by sharing a surprising and fun gift with friends and also offer an ideal moment of calm: relax and enjoy a moment of tasting with a surprising combination of flavors and textures.

Bongeez Box

49,95  Inc. VAT
OGeez Chocolate has created the perfect gift. The Bongeez! A glass smoking pipe (38cm) filled with 100g Popping Candy for the occasion, bang! A blend of white chocolate, puffed rice and Matcha tea/Chlorella, the healthiest green tea.