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Our available products are:
    The Bongeez, the perfect gift! A glass smoking pipe (38cm) filled with 100g Super Krunch for the occasion, bang! A blend of white chocolate, puffed rice and Matcha tea/Chlorella, the healthiest green tea.
  • CHILL-PACK 6x10g
    6 x 10g bags of the original fun premium chocolate one bites to indulge yourself by experiencing a tasty moment with surprising flavours and textures combination! 2 x 10g bags of Super Krunch, Kandy Kookies y Krispy Karamel.
  • THREE-PACK 35g
    3 x 35g bags of the original fun premium chocolate one bites in a nice box as a gift!

  • KRUNCHBOX 75x10g
    More Krunchies for your munchies? In the OGeez Krunchbox you will find 75 x 10g bags of each flavor to share with friends! 25 x 10g bags of the original fun chocolates one bites in each 3 flavours Super Krunch, Kandy Kookies and Krispy Karamel.
  • ONE-PACK 35g.
    Pack of a 35g bag of the flavor of your choice: Krispy Karamel, Kandy Kookies and Super Krunch!
We remind you our flavours:
    A blend of white chocolate, puffed rice and Matcha tea/Chlorella, the healthiest green tea.
    A delightful mix of white chocolate, puffed rice, Matcha tea/Chlorella and toffee pearls with sea salt. Brings you back sweet memories…
    A spicy combination of the smoothest white chocolate and krunchy puffed rice, blended with Matcha tea/Chlorella and cookie crumble, irresistible!

We leave you here the blog about the properties of white chocolate and its health benefits!

Then, register now and get our products to sell in your business at wholesale prices and enjoy OGeez chocolate!