Chocolate lovers… today we come with a delicious recipe! A recipe with a creamy and thick texture, color and flavor of matcha green tea. A combination of sweetness with light and pleasant bitter nuances… a foamy white chocolate matcha latte!

Ingredients you will need:

  • Matcha tea (2-3 grams)
    The quality of matcha tea can be easily checked by its color. The more vibrant green you get, the more quality and sweeter it is.
  • Milk (250gr)
    You can use the milk you prefer. Cow’s milk foams better, but you can use vegetable milk if you prefer.
  • White chocolate (50gr)
    For one person, half a tablet (50g) of white chocolate is enough. If you want your drink thicker, add more.
  • Honey
    Matcha tea complements nicely with naturally sweet flavors like honey. In addition to the flavor, it enhances the relaxing effect and complements the energetic effect of matcha.
  • Salt (a pinch)
    A trick you may not know. Salt enhances the sweet taste. But try not to go too far, add very very little.



STEP 1: Chop the white chocolate. The smaller the pieces, the easier they dissolve in the milk.

STEP 2: Heat the milk without letting it boil in a saucepan.

STEP 3: Add the chocolate, sifted matcha tea, honey and a pinch of salt. Add the chocolate first so that it dissolves.

STEP 4: Combine all the ingredients with the help of an electric skimmer. In this way, everything is well integrated and we can also take advantage to create a little foam.

STEP 5: Serve it in a cup and enjoy this warm drink!

Can the recipe be further improved?

Of course! We suggest you add some OGeez Chocolate buds on top. In this way both the presentation and the sweetness reach maximum levels!

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