Grilled ice cream or I-Tim-Pad (in Thai: “ไอติมผัด”, which can simply be translated as “ice cream”), also called Ice Roll or Ice Cream Roll is an artisanal ice cream making technique that originated in Thailand, which is why it is also known as Thai ice cream. This dessert is often classified as a variation of fried ice cream or a similar dish to this one, and started gaining international notoriety and popularity, especially since 2015.

The preparation of Thai ice cream is one of the aspects of this dessert that has attracted the most attention from foreigners, so much so that the procedure has gone viral on the Internet as a curious or surprising fact. The “exotic” character of this recipe played a decisive role in its popularization.

Thai ice cream is made with two metal spatulas from prepared milk, which is poured onto a steel plate called an anti-grid, which is refrigerated at an extremely low temperature (usually between -18 and -40°C). ) . Once in the anti-heating plate, the milk base is mixed with the ingredients that will flavor the ice cream, including various types of chocolate and fresh fruit. These ingredients are ground and mixed before being spread on the refrigerated base, giving it the consistency and shape of a sorbet or frozen dessert. Then the mixture is shaped into a roll with a spatula and the ice cream is served in a pot, cup or other type of container; a side dish consisting of ingredients similar to those used to prepare the dessert is usually added, along with creams and sauces.

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